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Trade Wholesale Towels from Yorkshire Linen Warehouse Spain OG01

Trade Wholesale Towels from Yorkshire Linen Warehouse

Premium quality trade and wholesale towels at commercial prices.  Yorkshire Linen Warehouse are a leader in hotel, guest house and B&B supplies.

Yorkshire Linen Warehouse delivers quality wholesale towels, hand towels, gym towels, washcloths, salon towels and beach towels for all industries, specifically hotels, hostels, guest houses, B&Bs and all holiday property and holiday management companies. At Yorkshire Linen Warehouse you’ll find wholesale and trade towels at the best prices!

Choose from our selection of wholesale towels – from premium hotel towels to hospital economy towels, we have a towel collection that will fit your commercial needs. Ideal wholesale towels in bulk for spas, salons, hotels, motels, long term facilities, food & beverage, restaurants, and more!

Wholesale & Trade Towels

We have a massive range of wholesale towels including face cloths, hand towels, bath towels, bath sheets, wholesale institutional towels and wholesale embroidered towels.

We cater to hotels and many other institutions supplying high quality institutional 525 GSM or 650 GSM towels all in 100% quality cotton.
Many of our customers come from the wholesale sector and buy towels in bulk thus, so we have significant experience in wholesale selling.

We understand that hotels, as well as the other places we supply to such as gyms, beauty salons and hairdressers, need certain qualities in the products they buy from us. Towel use in those kinds of places is going to be regular, so the towels need to be resilient and long-lasting. Despite the consistent use by the institution’s customers, the products must look fresh and new for the next customer. Our wholesale towels will meet these requirements; they are ring spun which makes for a longer-lasting product, but also a soft feeling especially at 400 GSM. Hotel towels often tend to feel a bit harsh and abrasive, because the hotels need something that will stand the test of time and persistent use. There is no reason why hardy towels can’t also feel nice and luxurious to the touch – and our towels cover all bases.

  • Machine Washable
  • 100% Cotton
  • White, Grey or Beige in colour
  • 525 GSM and 650 GSM towels available

Hotels and similar institutions tend to prefer white, it shows excellent hygiene levels – no covering up bad laundering with dark colours, so white is the main colour for our wholesale towel range.

If you would prefer something different, please browse our website because any product can be provided in bulk – not only those which are displayed on the wholesale towels page. Bed and Breakfasts or boutique hotels may prefer a variation on the usual white theme.

We want to keep our customers thus, so we have the best quality towels at a budget price. Our towels are ring spun making them extra strong whilst still being super soft.

Showing all 6 results